Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little catch up plus a new find!

Hey everyone. I know, I's been a while since my last post and some stuff has happened since then. For starters, my birthday was June 3 =) and we got free tickets to see Iron Man 3 which was a pretty good movie. I had the biggest pincher bug i've ever seen on my lower back while I was changing a week ago, I thought it was a piece of hair but I turn around and look in the mirror, saw it, swiped it off with my shirt and jumped back. I didn't have anything to kill it with so it lives...unless it's dead now. Tomorrow I'll be 30 weeks and my baby shower is at the end of this month! Time has seriously gone by so fast, I can't believe it! For about 3 days I've had my nails painted one coat of white nail polish (and it doesn't look so hot) I got lazy and didn't want to add another coat and finish my nails but I just put a second coat on and I'm letting them dry while I do this post so later today I can finish my nails.

So onto my new find! Which in a way isn't really a "find" because they emailed me but either way I know they exist now! The company is called Cityblis ( ) I really wasn't sure what Cityblis was but I went to their website and saw a lot of really cool and unique things. Cityblis works with a ton of different designers and collections (not ones everyone has heard of like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, etc but these designers all have a really cool and unique style). I felt like it was a never ending list of designers! That's how many there are! I definitely found some stuff I love and that are unique.

I love this trenchcoat a lot! And the name would be my name if there was no "L"

Collection HappyRainyDays, Trenchcoat Clarissa

YoolaDesign, Ocean green Swarovski crystals stud earrings

YoolaDesigns,  Handmade elegant wire crochet gold ring

ROHMY "Sirens" collection, ROHMY gold label: dress "Skogsraet"

That was just 4 of the many things I fell in love with! There are men, women, kids and baby clothes, jewelry and purses and shoes and art. And a ton of designers/collections to look through. I'm sure everyone will find at least one thing they love if not more! Check out Cityblis to see all the cool and unique stuff they have

Hopefully by the end of today I'll have a nail post up, so come back later to check it out!

Talk to you guys later!

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