Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Late nail design that FAILED

This design was such a fail, I debated on posting it. In my last post I said i was working on a new design but I never posted anything, I planned to do a gradient nail with a cheetah print but I didn't like the colors I chose   anymore so I tried something else.... BIG FAIL!!! While on Youtube I came across a snake skin/reptile nail design but it was created using gel polish which I don't have. Which is also most likely why mine failed.

Link to the video:

I painted till opaque 5 different colors mainly down the center of each nail

Then black on both sides of each color. Mine look terrible, I though I could fix it...

Went over each color to try to fix it, or at least have it look not so horrid. Top coat and let it dry 100%

Thin layer of black then dab top coat down center where the color was. 

I didn't even let it dry, I took it all off. I was really disappointed and was looking forward to having a really cool nail design. Obviously that didn't happen. 

I hope you guys at least got a laugh out of my failure, comparing my end result to the one in the video.

Have a great rest of the day everyone

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