Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Galaxy" high tops

So a while ago I was on and I saw a tutorial on galaxy shoes. I loved how they looked and wanted to try it myself. Although I knew it wouldn't look nearly as good. I went through my shoes (mostly converse, my favorite!) and I decided to use a pair I had studded, painted and used sharpies on and let my niece color on them with crayons. Because they're black I decided to use some bleach on it to lighten it up a bit, I also used 100% acetone on the toe cap to remove the acrylic paint. I took out the laces (which are colored with sharpies) and set them aside. I don't have paint so I just used nail polish and a make up sponge.

I just poured the polish on my work surface and dabbed my sponge in it then dabbed it on my shoe. I would recommend using actual paint though, I think it'll be easier and less smelly. I dabbed the polish pretty much all over the canvas, leaving the tongue just bleached. I let it dry for a little then I laced them up and I washed my shoes then I dried them about half way through then let them air dry for a few days. When drying them in the dryer, have them hang on the door. My dryer is a front loader so I tied the laces together and put them around a paint brush and I closed the dryer door. I had to use a paint brush because my laces would just slip and make it harder to grab when I open the dryer.

Because I've done a couple galaxy nail tutorials I'm not going to make another galaxy tutorial for this post. I't the same concept.



I like how they turned out. They aren't prefect but that's fine by me.
I hope you all liked it and give it a try.

I'll talk to you guys next time =)


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