Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Long time no talk

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since Ive made a post but I've been dealing with some stuff, finally telling the last people who didn't know I was pregnant that I am and dealing with awful morning sickness. So today I have sort of a hair tutorial for you guys. It's really easy and its for heatless curls or waves.
First for the DIY part, the headband. I used some old elastic that I measured around my head making sure it's not to tight or too loose then hand sewed it together. You can buy some elastic, cut it off of something old or use a stretchy headband like one you may use when exercising. Whatever you use it shouldn't be to thin or thick (mine is a little thick. By thick I mean wide)

Tutorial: put your elastic /headband across your head and forehead. Bump up your hair a little that is above the elastic to give your hair some volume when it's done. Take a section of hair on either right or left side, pull up and over to cover elastic then pull through. Like your wrapping your hair around the elastic once and letting the "tail "fall with the rest of your hair. It should look like a loop of hair with elastic in the middle.

Take another section of hair including the remainder from section one and wrap around the elastic again. Repeat till you have the back of your hair not done. Repeat on opposite side. Now you should have a chunk of hair in the back of your head. Start from one side and wrap one section of hair around the elastic. Drop the tail and repeat on the other side. You go back and forth till you have a section in the middle left, unwrapped. You choose to wrap either to the left or right. Wrap the remainder hair like before but since you have no more hair you can either continue to wrap your hair around the elastic making room for it or twist the hair going up and pin with a Bobby pin. Hopefully this is all making sence by the way.

If some hair is sort of coming undone you can pin it in place or stuff it back in place. Spray with hair spray and you can leave it for a few hours if you want waves or sleep with it for curly hair. You don't have to wrap a scarf or a hair net but it's up to you. Also make sure your hair is tangle free before starting and you can add something like mouse or other things to help curl your hair /hold the curls. I took the pictures before I showered so I don't have a full on hair look but it took me a few minutes to do my hair and then I took the elastic out (by carefully pulling the elastic up like removing a headband and shaking it to release my hair in the back) after about 10 minutes the front of my hair was nicely curled.

Spray with hair spray and you're done!

If you don't understand something feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to help you out!

I hope you all have a great day! Talk to you guys next time! :)

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