Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I wore today

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your day :) I wanted to mention real quick that until I'm 13 weeks (2nd trimester) I should stay away from nail polish and acetone. So in a few weeks ill start doing my nails again but I need some ideas.

So I'm actually in sweats right now (much more comfortable!) But I had on my leopard /cheetah skinny jeans on I got last year on clearance from Kohl's. I have two tank tops on (grey one first from Kohl's) then my pink one (it's thin so you can see what you have on under like your bra that's why I wore another one) then my little cardigan thing from Thrift Town (it's missing a button) and my slippers. When I took that picture I felt so extremely nauseous I wanted to puke! Yuck! So because I feel so sick I'm laying in bed and it's helping a little. When I feel like throwing up in close my eyes take deep breaths, in my nose out my mouth, and I have my hands over my nose and mouth so I don't smell anything and I try to calm myself down and I picture being at Halfmoon Bay looking at the waves, crashing into the big rocks, hearing it all. It actually helps me feel a little better. It's probably weird I do that huh?

I think a bug just fell down my shirt 0_o

Anyways ill talk to you guys later
Bye :)

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