Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet my new niece and puppy!

Giana Maribel Lopez was born December 7,2012 at 4:50 A.M. She is so adorable!

She is about two days old in these pictures. (taken today) She has really dark eyes, either really dark brown or black. When I was holding her today she was making faces and stuck her tongue out at me at one point and she layed a little fart on me too lol. I'm her only auntie =) YAY! When I first held her at the hospital I was so tense and nervous, but today I was actually really relaxed. She smells like a baby (duhh!) and I can't stop saying how cute she is! I love her so much! Now I have 1 nephew and 4 nieces.

Now for our new puppy!

When we bought her today and got in the car she was crying for a while then she stopped and fell asleep all nice and warm on my lap. When we got home after going to the store she was all happy and snuggling up next to David and Chris. It was so adorable! She is chihuahua and terrier with some scruffy fur. Her name is Mocha =) She is like a muddy/mocha color and really friendly.

I'll talk to you guys later =)

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