Thursday, December 6, 2012

As promised, a new galaxy tutorial

Earlier last month I said I would make another galaxy nail tutorial because my last manicure turned out better. I did post a picture though,

So paint all your nails black and let dry, then using your make up sponge dab some white across your nail or give it a bit of a curve.

I had to much white on my sponge, you don't need that much

I had this color that I wanted to put over the black (before the white) but forgot so I just added it over the white and it sort of toned it down. In the light and over black it looks purple and sometimes even green. It's called "grey's anatomy" by wet n' wild. It's not really need though.

Next dab some blue on either side of your white polish, slightly over lapping the white.

On the opposite side add some green the same way as the blue.

I added some purple randomly on each nail.

 And same with pink. The white is hard to see now and for some nails it's covered.

I lightly went over the white and got my sponge with still some polish on it and dabbed it over the white so it's not a solid white stripe. It looks weird just being solid white.

I know it's been almost a week since my last post and I'm sorry about that. I wanted to give my nails a little break from all the polish and acetone. When I first moved I had to get rid of a lot of stuff I use to use to make stuff because of space. I really really want to get into sewing and start making stuff like beanies and scarves and skirt and all that good stuff =) I think it'll be fun and I'll really enjoy it. But we will see what happens.

My sister texted me a little while ago letting me know that she was being induced later tonight at 8 P.M. and I' excited to be an auntie again!! I have one nephew and three nieces, soon to be four! My family tree is complicated lol.

Anyways I hope you guys liked this tutorial and be sure to check out my other tutorials if you already haven't. I'll talk to you guys later =)


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