Saturday, November 3, 2012

Return of the 4 eyes

I got new glasses! Yay! I was so excited yesterday when I picked up my glasses form my old house. Here is a little background info: My very first pair of eyeglasses I got were from Walmart when I was in like 4th grade. I didn't like them and really didn't wear them (more for reading far away and that's when I was supposed to wear them) In 8th grade, I got a pair of Calvin Klein black glasses and found out I was near sighted and has an astigmatism. I had those for a few years, wore them everyday till I broke them by accident while wrestling with one of my little brothers. Before I broke them I got my eyes checked again and nothing changed with my eyes, the prescription was just renewed. I never got new glasses. I attempted to fix them with duct tape which lasted one day, then I used super glue which lasted a couple of days because I left them on the floor and Chris broke them. I couldn't fix them after that and was blind till yesterday. Last month I finally got my glasses order (Chris was going to buy them me but my dad ended up buying them but hey that's just extra money we could use for bills and other stuff, right?) I had my little brother leave them in the mail box before he went to school so I can pick them up on my way to my appointment.

I was extremely happy when I got them. I was able to see clearer! And I loved the box, case and cloth it came with to wipe my glasses. I got my glasses from Warby All eyeglasses are $95. Grand total. And what I really liked about this website is that fro every pair of glasses they sell the donate a pair to someone in need of glasses who doesn't have access to an eye doctor.

This is the box everything came in. (This box also came in the shipping box)

I absolutely LOVE this hard case! It's soft and kind of velvety.

The inside is a really nice blue and feels almost like a fleece blanket. Chris even thought the blue was a nice color and he HATES blue. The inside top part of the case has "WP" on it which doesn't show up in the picture.

This is the wipe cleaner cloth thing. And it's really soft!

And I took this picture yesterday when I got home. I look weird in it but whatever. My glasses are "Carlen" in the color "revolver black" There are two other colors i believe. I am really happy with my glasses! They ship really fast too.
Before I forget, You can try out 5 pairs that you like for FREE for I think 5 days or a week. They do ask for your credit card number and all that and charge $1 but don't go through with the process. They do that to make sure you have money in your account in case you decide to keep all the glasses you were sent without purchasing them. In other words, stealing. I don't remember if they ship around the world though. Anyways I highly recommend checking out Warby

Really quick for my nails I just have two coats of Sally Hansen hard as nail natural pink tint on. I only have like 2 cotton balls left so I'm trying to hold off on doing my nails till I'm able to get more cotton balls and acetone.

I guess this was more like a review then anything else, so everything is my own opinion and my own thoughts.

 Anyways enjoy your weekend!

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