Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween if you celebrate it and if not then I hope you had nice Wednesday. As I said in my last post yesterday that I'll post some pictures of my costume. I wore my bridesmaids dress, black nylons, boots and my fake leather black jacket with an asymmetrical zipper. Jacket and boots are from Kohl's, nylons from Walmart and my bridesmaids dress was hand made for me for my sisters wedding last May. I was dressed up as ''80's throw back'' and if it didn't look it then I was ''closet disaster'' I tried getting volume at the top of my hair like in the 80's but I could never get volume at my roots =/ Anyways for my make up i just used a couple different shades of blue and used a little bit of green and for my lips I just kind of stained my lips with a pink lip stick.

Bad lighting and I don't know what was up with my face! lol I was starting to look up I guess when the picture was taken.

Chris, his two sisters (Alyssa and Taylor) and his younger brother, David and I went out trick or treating and we stopped by Chris's best friend's house (Alex) and he ended up coming out with us. It was really dead out but it was also lightly raining and a school night so I guess that's the reason why there wasn't to much people out. We all still had fun though.

Enjoy the rest of today and I'll talk to you guys next time!


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