Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick outfit of the day

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! :) Yesterday was mine and Chris's anniversary so today we're going out (he got paid today that's why) I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I wanted something cute (because it's a date) but it's also cold here and probably going to rain so I needed something to stay warm and cozy in and also cute. I changed a few times and decided on wearing my favorite boots I've had for like 7years. My grandparents bought them for me. They're my only pair of moccasins style shoes too. My jeggings from Kohl's, black v neck sweater shirt from Thrift Town, black everyday jacket from a bunch of Christmas's ago, my bag from Thrift Town and some Chanel stud inspired earrings from the mall.

I just flat ironed my hair and put it in a messy bun and I'm just wearing mascara and eyeliner which use to be my everyday make up look.

Ill talk to you guys later! Have a great weekend :)

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