Thursday, October 25, 2012

White and silver glitter French tips

I've been lazy lately and I spread out the process of doing my nails over the past few days. Like painting the one coat of silver then the next day one more coat of silver, two coats of white and my Sally Hansen one day and today I did the silver glitter part. Either today or tomorrow ill add top coat. My nails take so long to dry that's why I end up taking days for them to be complete and so long to make a post. I'm limited to what I can do when my nails are wet.

Silver :kleancolor - 8 silver
White :sinful colors - 1 snow me white
Sally Hansen hard as nails :natural pink tint (love this stuff!!!)
Silver glitter :kleancolor :27 silver glitter
the color workshop top coat

I liked the silver French tips I had before I added the white. It was subtle and just pretty in my opinion. I kind of wanted to leave it silver and add my S.H. over but I really wanted my white and silver glitter tips. Maybe next time ill use just the silver and add the glitter over it.

One of my first posts I did, the black and purple glitter tips, was basically the same thing as these just different colors. I decided to use black and purple because those are two of Chris's favorite colors and the colors we picked out for our wedding. Ill be honest, I wasn't the biggest Fan of purple and I never really was but it's growing on me more and more.

Back to this nail post! I just free hand the tips. I'm not the best at making them even but I did my best. I just used the polish brush.

I hope you guys like them. This really wasn't a tutorial huh? I think its pretty self explanatory anyways. Ill talk to you guys within the next few days.
P.S. if the pictures are out of order I apologize. I'm making this post from my blogger app on my phone and sometimes it jumbles up the order of my pictures.

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