Friday, October 19, 2012

Goosebumps inspired nails!!

Hey everyone! So for a while now I've been wanting to try these slime/Goosebumps inspired nail design but I didn't think I had the right green for the slime so I never did it. I just said screw it! and used my light green and turns out, it's the perfect green for the slime! I thought it would be easy making it look like slime and a lot of the time I think something is easy but when I do it I somehow make it so difficult!. Other people used dotting tools or special brushes or just the brush from the nail polish, I just used the brush from my polish. 

*Sally Hansen for base coat *kleancolor nail lacquer in 5 black *sinful colors 944 innocent *the color workshop top coat

I just got some polish on my brush and made a dot in a random place and drag the brush down to the end of your nail. That creates the slime part, add a few random dots in the empty space like I did and paint the whole tips like a french nail. Go over the green again to get it opaque if needed then top coat it!

Mine are not perfect, some parts of the slime are too fat but I'm really happy with them!!

Here is the link to the intro/theme song to Goosebumps:
I love Goosebumps and I miss watching it!

I hope you all enjoyed this Goosebumps Inspired nail tutorial!
And enjoy the rest of your Friday!


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