Friday, October 12, 2012


Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a great week! On my nails I just painted two coats of Pure Ice hot tamale 762cp.

And this is what I'm wearing today. Shirt dress thing (black) from Old Navy for like$10 3 years ago or so. Dark blue jeans from Kohl's, hair has gel and mouse and naturally wavy =)

Ankle boots from my future mother-in-law. They didn't fit her and they were still brand new! I think they're by Soda. They can be worn up or down. I like them down and showing the "furry-ish" thing inside.

My DIY circle/infinity scarf from one of Chris's old shirts (just lay shirt out flat and cut from under the armpit area straight across to the other side and you're done! Chris made me a fringe one. Made the same way but from the raw edge where you cut. You cut up about half way to the sewed hem, tug a little and you're done These are really easy to do!) I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces, a grenade Chris bought me. I fell in love when I first saw them online through stumbleupon . I decided to add one of my mom's nursing stars to my scarf, one of my little bothers has the others. He got them before I could get one and I asked him if I could just get one and he said yes. So I was happy :)

Grey pyramid studs are by Vera Wang from Kohl's. Plus tax they were like $2 something. I love clearance! I used nail grey nail polish on my other earring in the second hole then added silver glitter glitter polish over. They were originally a color (either pink, green or blue) that I really wouldn't wear anymore so I made them into something I would wear. :)

Gold ring was my mom's. DIY black ring was really silver with I think pink rhinestones. It was a set of three rings with pink blue and green rhinestones. I lost the blue one in a Walmart =/ and a green rhinestone fell out of the green one so I just got rid of it after trying to fix it.

DIY-ed bracelets. A while ago I went crazy with making these bracelets! I wore them together almost all the time. My hair tie yellow so that isn't a bracelet, the grey square knot is from this tutorial by secretlifeofabionerd

The purple bead and double wrap black bead bracelets are from this tutorial, I used the first way because that's the kind of bracelet I wanted to make.

 On my other wrist I have one of my mom's bracelets I wore in my last OOTD and of course my engagement ring (=

The studded bracelet I made on my own from my favorite stud belt that broke into two pieces, almost three =( I was so heart broken I loved that belt so much. I had it since 7th or 8th grade and broke junior or senior year.

This is my favorite belt now =) I got it from Claire's last year on clearance for $5 I think. I love studs and skulls so I had to get it, plus the price and I needed a belt anyways so I bought it.

As for my make up, sexy mauve lip liner with some chapstick on my lips, and few different shades of purple eye shadow, purple glitter-ish eye liner, black for tight lining my eyes and mascara. I absolutely hate the feeling of foundation on my skin,whether someone puts it on me or it's professionally done I HATE IT!! Anyways  I know this post is long but I wanted to share everything with you guys and I hope you guys at least enjoyed it.


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