Monday, October 1, 2012

Eye Nails for October!

Colors used: *wet n' wild fast dry [ebony hates chris 229c] *SH Hard as nails extreme wear [gunmetal 22] *Pure ice [hot tamale 762cp] *red *SH hard as nails extreme wear [mellow yellow 27] *L.A. colors art deco [bright green bna511] *sinful colors [snow me white 1] *top coat

My nails have been black for a little while now and because it's October 1st I had to get started on my Halloween/October nails! I absolutely LOVE October and Halloween!! So while on Youtube a few days ago I saw on the side bar a tutorial on these minus the colors, just black and white. I didn't watch the video because I figure they were easy to do. And they were!
Index: orange
Middle: red
Ring: yellow
Pinkie: green

My yellow dots covered the white, to much on my stick thing I used to make the bigger dots then a toothpick for the tiny black dots. I thought about adding glitter but decided against it.

Today Chris and I went on a little date =) We went to go watch Hotel Transylvania and we loved it!! It is such a cute movie with a few parts that made us a little teary eyed. Then we ate some Chinese food after [and a large popcorn from the movies...I felt sick after, to much buttery popcorn!] We came home and I did my nails. That was pretty much my day. Anyways I recommend watching Hotel Transylvania it's a cute and funny movie and perfect for October!
Chris was going to take me to watch it yesterday after he got of work but decided on today, October 1st because he knew I wanted to go watch it and like I said before it's perfect for October and he knew I LOVE October and he knew I've been wanting to eat Chinese food for a while so it was perfect! =) I never thought I'd be wearing shorts in October and still be hot! That's not supposed to happen! I'm supposed to be wearing a jacket, boots and a scraf with my outfit, dressing warm not wearing shorts! Anyways, I hope you guys had a nice day.

Talk to you guys later!


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