Saturday, September 29, 2012

water color paper flowers

Hey everyone. Earlier I made a post saying that later today I'll have a tutorial up for water color paper flowers. I'e had them done for a few hours but was lazy to actually make a post/tutorial. Anyways it was a trial and error kind of thing for me. I tried construction paper with the paint, construction paper with oil pastels, scrapbooking paper and paint and I really never got to making a flower. I was saving regular ol' white printer paper for last and I was so happy with how they turned out! =)

Cut the paper in half then each half into thirds then each strip in half for a bigger flower or thirds for a smaller flower. They most certainly do not have to be even squares. Cut a circular shape out with the squares stacked in a pile.

The tutorial used a staple in the middle to hold it together but I just made this thing. 20 gauge jewelry I think Cut into small pieces, create a little loop with pliers and pinch it to secure it.

Lay your pieces out on a work surface and paint one side whatever color you choose/like.

When they're dry completely they'll curl at the edges like this. Because it's water colors/paint it shouldnt take long. Don't wet the paper first then paint, paper should be dry before painting.

Crumple each piece careful not to tear it, undo crumple it then paint another layer/coat of the same color or even a different color on the first side.
Let it dry all the way and repeat on the other side of each piece. For me, One side had two layers of the same color then I turned it over and painted it two layers of another color that went well with it. Its okay if it bleeds through to the other side.

When everything is 100% dry stack the petals in a pile all in the same color, poke a hole in the middle [i used the pointy part of my compass] and put the wire holder thing in the hole and used my pliers to create another loop and get it as close to the middle as you can without ripping or tearing the petals.

Crumple each layer at a time in a bunch until you have one of these....

I'm really proud of how well they turned out. =)
I'm probably going to make more tomorrow and maybe use them to decorate another aluminum can I'm using for my scissors, compass and glitter glue pens. Ill see how it looks and if I'm happy with it ill post some pictures.

Talk to you guys later or tomorrow! We'll see!