Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My very first OOTD:

My shorts are cut evenly I swear! It's just the way I was standing. I showered and added some mouse to my hair then just bobby pinned my poof in place. My racerback tank top is from Steve and Barry's, Dear by Amanda Bynes. That store was in my mall and it sadly wasn't there for to long. They had nice clothes, shoes and jewelry for cheap. My DIY shorts were originally like wide leg jeans (which I really don't like, I'm more of a skinny jeans kind of girl) from Thrift town for like $3. I'm barefoot because it's hot and I'm not going anywhere today so I'll pretty much be barefoot today, if anything I'll put socks on. I'm using my new Hello Kitty ear buds and I was listening to Almost easy by Avenged Sevenfold when I took this picture.

My right middle finger nail sort of broke so I had to file it so it's not sharp lst night then today I cut all my nails ='( and file them. They aren't as short as I had to cut them a while ago in one of last posts, so I'm a little happier about that. Well I guess I'm done for today,


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