Monday, October 8, 2012

Bloody nails!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a good Monday so far. This is my second time doing bloody nails. Last year in either November or December is when I first did these. I loved them and was so happy with how they turned out.
 Supplies needed: -make up sponge -dabbing surface like paper -bright red or regular red nail polish -dark red nail polish (jordana red silk 344) -black nail polish (wet n' wild fast dry ebony hates Chris 299c)  no base coat or top coat needed because you want these to look real-ish, like dried blood.

I applied the red/bright red first randomly at the tips and worked my way up one of the sides so it looks kind of "messy"

Add black to less of the tips and again work your way up what ever side the red is on but you don't want to cover the red completely.

I sponged on the darker red all over the other polishes so the black isn't really "solid black" if that made sense.

These are super easy to do and dry super fast because it's just sponging.  I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and super easy tutorial for bloody nails!  

Have a great rest of the day!!