Saturday, September 15, 2012

upcycle aluminum can

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and if you're still in school I hope you guys have a great year. Anyways last night I got really excited when my wonderful fiance decided to buy me a cute notebook. I chose this really cute black one with different colored flowers but then I saw this awesome all black with silver glitter and white peace sign one but peace signs aren't really my thing. Then I saw another black notebook with different colored polka dots and then the one I ended up getting.

Earlier in the day I watched the new video uploaded by Andreaschoice

I was inspire by the chalkboard aluminum can holder thing. She added rice to the can then placed her make up brushes inside and because I just got a new notebook and I had pens without a proper place and my cute bedazzled cupcake sticker and this really pretty aqua color spray paint I knew I had to make my own version. I also tore up pink and yellow construction paper and put it inside the can, added cute stickers from my scrapbooking collection I got from my aunt for my 17th birthday last year (including my adorable cupcake sticker!) I even added "Pretty Marshmallow" to the can. Chris suggested I do that while I was picking out what stickers I wanted it to be spelled out in. I didn't want the spray paint to mess anything up from the bottom so i  used construction paper in layers and glued the can to it so now I have a base.

I'm really please with the end result. I hope this inspired you guys to make your own for make up brushes, paint brushes, writing tools, etc.


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