Tuesday, September 18, 2012

another reverse french tip nail tutorial!

Two days ago I got three new nail polishes all by wet n' wild. Today's tutorial I'm only using two of them. My last reverse french tip I used reinforcement stickers but this time I used the french tip stickers.

Supplies: *french tip stickers *masking tape *base/top coat *wet n' wild wild shine [blazed 437f] *wet n' wild wild shine [lavender creme 454d] *sally hansen hard as nails natural pink [not pictured here but in the next photo]

I used sally hansen as my base coat.

make sure your base coat is fully dry then place the french tip stickers at the base of your nail.

Paint two thin coats on or one nice one till opaque, while still wet slowly peel the sticker off and let your nails be 100% dry. you can add a top coat now if you'd like and call it a day or move onto the next step. Top coat now is optional but I added one in this step.

Carefully cut a heart out in a piece of masking tape and place it on your nail(s). I just did this for my ring fingers but you can do any design and on all nails if you want. Paint one opaque layer on and again slowly peel the masking tape off while still wet.

I guess in a way the colors look similar so it's not all the noticeable but I like my nails. Add topcoat and you're done!

tata for now!

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