Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Galaxy nails

I'm going to just jump right into this really easy galaxy nail tutorial. Supplies you will need a piece of paper or something to dab the polish onto, make up sponge or a small chunk and of course your nail polish.

-base coat/top coat
-Sinful colors midnight blue 13
-nyc sidewalkers 270
-pure ice no means no 542cp
-pure ice free spirit 303cp
-sinful colors snow me white 1
-sinful colors cream pink 152
-klean color silver glitter 27
-wet n' wild fast dry party of five glitters 238c

The colors are listed in the order used.
Put a base coat on let it dry then add two thin coats of the blue nail polish and let that dry completely. You  can use any dark base like a black, dark grey/gunmetal or a dark blue like I did. I usually use a black base but I did my nails blue then later decided to do a galaxy nail because its been a while and now I have glitter nail polishes I can use. I was excited too lol.  Anyways, after the base is dry sponge on your light grey color on random parts of your nail but don't cover your whole nail with it.

Sponge on the purple over lapping a little bit of the grey and some blue.

Add your green randomly. I'm sorry, I know it's hard to see some of the colors in the pictures.

Sponge on the white really lightly or make sure there isn't a lot of it on your sponge. You don't want the white to cover all the other colors.

I added a little bit of pink but you don't have to.

Now for the stars you can use a glitter polish or two or use a toothpick dipped in a silver or white and add a few random dots. I did that before I got my silver glitter nail polish which is what I used here.

In the mean time you can eat a 50/50 bar like I did while you let all of that dry completely.

I added my second glitter polish. Let that dry then add your top coat and your done!!


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