Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I didn't know it's been almost a week!!

I've been doing a bunch of different little projects and wanted one specific one to post here but since tomorrow will 7 days since my last post I figure I just bring them all together for one post instead.

Chris has been wanting me to do pink with black crackle so I did that Friday. I didn't think there was a need to post it since it's self explanatory, base, pink, crackle, top coat, done. I did take pictures though =]

The pink is more of a darker Barbie pink but its lighter in the picture. I wore my Pink and Black Attack nails [Chris named them that lol] Saturday with an all black outfit, black shirt dress [old navy], leggings [justice for girls] and flats [walmart/ my second pair of bridesmaid shoes]. We went to my sisters baby shower and we were invited to her birthday party and my little brothers surprise birthday party at Lake Elizabeth. She sort of knows about it but my little brother doesn't know it's for him too. September 26 is my sister Elise's birthday, the 27th is the anniversary of my grandpa's death. [I was in like 4th grade so roughly 2004 or 2005 he died.] September 28th is my little brother, Brandon's birthday.

Anyways! What color does this look like? Milky white? White with a small drop of pink? Its actually like a pastel pink and outside its like a bright light pink? I think of light neon pink and Nicki Minaj lol.

-SH as base coat -Maybelline color show shredded [carbon frost 60] -wet n' wild wild shine [lavender creme 454d] -Avon [cotton candy n010] -Avon [loving lavender n243] -petites [crystal clear 32 + cheap aqua green blue eyeshadow] -no name brands plus mixture of eyeshadows one is darker than the other.

The two Avon polishes are my first ever Avon polishes, I got them for $2 from Newark Days along with Hello Kitty earbuds that I'm listening to now. I numbered the swatches because some of them are the same.

Last night I helped my future mother-in-law with a poster project that she needed today for a business meeting. She gave me a general idea of what need to be done and gave me full creative control because stuff like that is my thing and I'm good at it. The meeting is a super hero themed one and I wanted to make like a logo or something for her store but I couldn't think of one till I was done and in bed. I shot up and went to my computer and Chris got scared because he thought something was wrong. I ended up drawing a shield with like a banner across with the store number and the actual shield part with "TR" and I used glitter glue pens matching to colors I used to make the logo really POP! I didn't take any pictures but Chris and his mom really liked it and I'm happy with it. Especially with the shield.

I did make Elise a baby shower card, her birthday card and used a scrapbooking frame thing to frame a picture of us when she was like 16 and I was like 9 as her present and I made a birthday card for Brandon and one for my Grandma [November 2]
Chris' grandma bought me some erasers, food, fruit and animal ones. She knows I like weird things and I guess you can say I collect those weird things too. And she gave me an engagement ring and wedding band.

The top one is the engagement ring and the other one is the wedding band.

This is my actual engagement ring. I feel more comfortable wearing the other engagement ring on my right hand rather than my left where my real one belongs. After I'm married I can wear both rings I was given.

I think that was pretty much my whole week. I hope you guys have a great rest of the day =]



  1. i LOVE those kinds of erasers :P Though I could never stomach using them - too cute!
    Your engagement ring is really beautiful! Best of luck to you <3

    1. I can't get myself to use these kind of erasers either lol I'll just look at them and that's it! And than you so much!