Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fiance's nail challenge accepted and completed

So a few nights ago Chris gave me a challenge to do for my next nail doing/tutorial. I accepted. He first picked black, silver and gunmetal (without looking in my collection I had to use what ever colors he chose, except clears and glitter polishes those didn't count. I had one chance to change a color, I used it.) There was a purple in the mix so he drew again and those were the three colors I had to use. Today I was going to do the challenge but because those three polishes were already old and not a lot left it turned out so terrible I didn't even show him and just took it off. He picked new colors and begged him to choose another color because it he picked the pinkish color and the light bluish color I used in my wet n' wild tutorial and a bronzy gold that would not work. Then he picked red crackle and he out it back then chose the purpleish color.

supplies: *Sally Hansen hard as nails (natural pink tint) *Pure Ice (taupe drawer 920cp) *Wet n' Wild megalast (i need a refresh-mint 218a) *Jordana (mardi gras 980) * top coat *make up sponge *paper for dabbing

The top coat pictured at the end is not the one I ended up using but both are basically a no name brand. There are two "taupe drawer" by Pure Ice colors. They are both completely different colors but with the same name, different number. One is older and more of a purple grey color where as the one I used for this tutorial is a soft pink that I call a nudish pink because it's somewhat close to my skin tone. It's hard to explain but anyways on with the tutrorial.

I applied my Sally Hansen as a base coat then one nice coat [not to thin, not to thick] of your actual base/background color and let it dry 100%.

Lightly sponge on the next color. Almost as if you're doing a galaxy nail. In person it wasn't this light, I don't know why everything looks so light in the pictures.

Then dab on the third and last color randomly like a galaxy nail. I wasn't too fond of the look but as I continued I was, "Hey... this looks pretty cool!" I got excited with how cool it was turning out and knew I was going to really like my nails.

Top coat and enjoy! I personally think they look better in person. This is the end of the tutorial but I wanted to show you guys something else that I made.

I already posted a DIY on my new pencil/pen holder thingy but I had some erasers with no home =(  so I cleaned a tuna can till it didn't smell anymore, spray painted it purple and added some stickers all around, glued it to some black construction paper and added my erasers in and place it by my pens. =)  My Tigger pen I've had since I was little, long before my mom passed away, makes me happy when I see it. I got it from a happy meal from Mcdonald's. It's old and dirty but it still write so I still use it occasionally. I have one ordinary eraser, a dice eraser from Tilt Arcade and 12 little Halloween erasers I got from Walmart. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

until next time...

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