Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crackle tip nails

Hey everyone. I've been lazy lately and haven't posted anything for a bit so I finally got something for you guys.

I didn't take a picture of the Polish I used but the white is by sinful colors, the black crackle I forget who its by and the red is from Sally Hansen.

Earlier this week my fiance was in the hospital. While waiting I started picking at my nail polish and later too the rest off to see my nails were stained. So next time I'm going to use a base coat.

I buffed my nails and it made them look not so stained so I was happy.

I used the klean colors silver as my base coat again and applied two thin coats of white. It was already late so I decided to just leave them white. The next day I added another coat of white and added the crackle to my tips.

This was done over about a week. I wanted them white then I wanted to do something with crackle. I always change my mind that's why I change my nails often.

Anyways I hope you guys liked this tutorial and I'm sorry about taking so long to finally post something. Talk to you guys next time! :)

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