Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY fringe scarf

Hey everyone. I was bored so I went through my closet and found a dark grey tank top I didn't Care much for anymore and turned it into a fringe scarf. I made a light grey one last year.

Anyways you just need a shirt or scrap /old fabric for this plus scissors.

Cut the fabric (in my case tank top) into even sections. Everything was just eyeballed. I even cut the hem off.

Cut the side seams off and now you should have two pieces of fabric. Or just cut open the sides if there is no seam.

Cut each individual piece in half so now they're like squares.

Again eyeball how big you want the fringe to be and cut going up leaving about an inch uncut.

Tie the end fringe together in a double knot but not too tight to where it will rip.

Continue tying the ends together to desired length.

I folded mine in half and fed the ends through the loop I created and fixed the way it payed. That's how I wear mine.

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY :)

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