Friday, August 24, 2012

pink and black reverse french nails

I'm just going to jump right in to this tutorial. I'm not feeling all that great today, so supplies needed are a make up sponge, pink, black, base coat and top coat and those reinforcement stickers (not showed) you can get in the office/school supply section.

(I used my Sally Hansen as a base coat)

I already painted my thumb. I'm painting all my nails with my pink and letting it dry.

My Sinful colors pink is my favorite pink. I think of it as Barbie Pink but it was starting to get all thick and old =( so i added another kind of pink that is pictured above and mixed the two.

The pink is actually a lot more of a hot Barbie pink than this baby pink. My lighting isn't the best so that is why it looks this way. I just paint one layer of the polish

Next sponge on a second layer of your pink. And of course feel free to use any color(s) you desire.

Just another picture of my nails after sponging on the pink layer.

Make sure your nails are dry.I found that sponging polish on dries a whole lot faster and I have less of a chance of messing up all my hard work! Before putting the stickers on put them on your skin to remove some of the stickiness. I chose to use the "fatter" side of the sticker, having the top of the inner circle at the base of my nails.

Sponge on as many coats of the black as you need to get it opaque or to your liking. Also if you don't want to sponge on any of the polish then go ahead and apply the polish the way you want.

I did one hand then the other and went back to my first hand and gently peeled the stickers off and did the same to my other hand. I did't need much drying time.

Top coat and you are done! I showered before applying my top coat and had to sponge on a little more black to a few small spots that came off and i just left the mess on the sides of my skin. By the end of today they should be gone.

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