Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Change of plan

We didn't get married yesterday because of money issues. But hopefully within the next few months we will. We already have our rings picked out and my dress. We will be getting our rings next month, so Im excited for that! And maybe even get Leah's outfit. We are also going to be getting each other late Christmas gifts. We haven't discussed what the budget will be, but I have an idea of 1 thing I want to get him. If the budget is the price for that one thing I'll get him something else instead.

I made Leah her first Christmas stocking! I'm stumped with her ornament. I don't know which design I want to go with. Its sort of halfway done, its been that way for a few days.

Chris and I were supposed to start going to the gym last month but we didn't, so hopefully this month. I've never been to the gym so it's definitely something new for me. My arms are a couple of noodles so I won't be lifting any weights. That's perfectly fine with me though.

8:20 am, still awake. I woke up hours ago with Leah and can't fall back asleep but she is out like a light.

I'm going to try to go to sleep, most likely I'll just stay awake and nap later with Leah.

Talk to you guys next time!

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