Friday, August 30, 2013

What's new?

Lots. The biggest change of my life happened at 2:08am Wednesday, August 14, 2013. My daughter Leah was born, 7 pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches long with a full head of hair. Motherhood is the best thing in the world, but a lot of work. I wouldn't change that for anything. I love my baby girl : ) she is so much like her daddy, the face she makes when she sneezes (but sounds like mine), the way she sleeps, how she kicks her socks off and takes off her mittens (mainly her left one and her dad is left handed). I'm glad and lucky she's a good baby. She only whines and cries when she needs to be changed and fed and if she gets fussy she wants to sleep or have the vibrations turned on on her bouncer. We call that her "knock out chair" lol maybe Sunday I'll do an outfit of the day, mommy and daughter edition. All of us have a baby shower to go to on Sunday, my long time friend/future sister in law. She's having a baby girl too.


I do have a few things to post but I haven't gotten around to it yet but I will do it. I also plan on making a bracelet with some hex buts but I'm waiting on something to arrive here I order from Amazon (I love Amazon!) a few days ago and isn't except expected to arrive till the end of September. I'm excited to make this bracelet, I made 2 a couple years ago but I lost mine at Great America : (
It's really easy to make, only need 3 things pliers not included.

I have a diaper to go change so I'll talk to you all soon, bye : )

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