Wednesday, July 10, 2013

bottle cap accessories

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I've had this tutorial done on paper and in pictures for a few months already and I'm finally making it into a post. This is my second time doing something like this, if you remember back in December I did a penny key chain tutorial using Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, it was for a Christmas present for Chris and I made myself one. Because it was my first time doing anything like that I did make mistakes as would anyone and I've learned from those mistakes and figured out how to make it look better (practice make prefect right?). So far they still look good, no dents or cloudiness besides Chris's new key chain, but I'll get to that story later.

Any bottle caps will do as long as they're clean and dry. Grab your penny or trinket, what ever you want to put in the bottle cap (make sure it will fit too!) I'm sure you can even put a picture or piece of paper in it (glue it down to the bottle cap with liquid glue, Aleens tacky glue or Mod Podge, let dry, cover the whole top with more glue with a paint brush or finger to protect the image/print)

For this key chain I used a pair of my moms earrings that I really liked but one didn't have the jump ring and post so I couldn't wear it or do anything else with it. 

Just place your trinket at the bottom, arranged how you want it and slowly pour in the dimensional magic evenly. DO NOT SHAKE BOTTLE, it will cause air bubbles and they're a pain to get out and they don't pop like a regular bubble would. If you do get air bubbles get something sharp like a safety pin and try to move them to the side and get them out. When you're done, make sure it's on an EVEN surface to dry or else it'll dry unevenly and the top won't be even and the dimensional magic will spill over the side.

Let it dry undisturbed for a few hours and it shouldn't be cloudy anymore, you will be able to tell if you need to add more dimensional magic to top it off or not. Let it dry over night so it's dry 100% top to bottom.

Both pictures are of the cap 100% dry. For me I used old charms from a bracelet the had loops to feed a small double jump ring through so I can attach it to a key ring. I used super glue to glue it together, let it dry all the way then added more all around the charm and jump ring to make sure it stays put. I would've used e6000 glue but I didn't have any.

Now onto the newer penny key chains I made. First off clean the pennies as much as you can. The cleaner the better, trust me. I used a combination of Scrub n' Bubbles with a brush to scrub it clean and an eraser. 

Doesn't it look cleaner and shinier?

Here is the finished product! All I did was cleaned and dried everything, placed the penny in the middle of the bottle cap then poured the dimensional magic on top, let it dry all the way on a flat even surface, glued the loop to the back, attached a double jump ring then attached it to the key rings. For some reason for these key chains it dried a lot better then the ones I made in December. No dents or scratches can be made on these but you can still do that to the first ones. Maybe the air temperature? Really cold in December and warm back in like March/April when I made these.

Can you tell the difference? I took these pictures today, July 9, 2013. Story time! A couple weeks ago I noticed that Chris lost his key chain (it came unglued) and he couldn't find it anywhere. A few days ago he went out to the car and saw a bottle cap upside down in the driveway. He thought it was weird because we hadn't bought the same soda bottles in a long time which is where I got the bottle caps from. He thought it could be his key chain, and picked it up and because it felt heavy he knew it was it, turned it over and he was right. He gave it to me to glue back on and told me not to make a new one because this one has a story now. It was really hot outside for about a week, like in the 90's that's why his is cloudy and...

Not flat anymore. The heat curved it into an inverted dome on the back which made the front get pushed out into a slight dome shape. I added more glue all around so hopefully it stays put this time or till i get around to buying e6000 glue. 
His penny is the year 1994 (my birth year) and mine is 1992 (his birth year). I want to make us another one with the year 2013 for our daughter, Leah, who is expected to be born on August 23.

Well that's all for today guys. I know it was a long post but I had a lot I wanted to include. I'll talk to you guys next time


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