Thursday, August 30, 2012

wet n' wild nail tutorial

So yesterday I got two new nail polishes that I absolutely LOVE! I got them from Raley's, $1.99 each. I immediately knew what i wanted to do when I saw them!

Colors are wet n' wild megalast 218A I need a refresh-mint and wet n' wild fast dry 238C party of five glitters

Paint one coat and let it dry completely. I'm not the biggest fan of the wet n' wild brushes because they leave streak marks...well it does that with me anyways.

I love the shape of the bottle it looks like it was an expensive bottle but it really wasn't. The megalast polish has this cool "manicurve pro brush" that is basically like a curved end flat brush that with one stroke you can pretty much cover your entire nail, let it dry, then add a second coat with one stroke again! I thought that was pretty awesome.

Anyways, add a second coat and let that baby dry all the way. In the mean time i did my toes. For some reason when i paint my toes they seem to dry way faster than my finger nails and I don't do anything different either.

This was my first time using this kind of glitter polish with bigger glitter I guess I can say. I played around with the brush and polish and found that it's easier to apply one layer trying to get some glitter on my nail then letting it dry for a few seconds and dipping my brush little past the surface of the polish, wiping one side of the brush off and sort of "dabbing" the glitter polish on the blank areas. Let that dry for a few seconds and sort of brush the little blop out to even it all out.

I hope that made sense!! I'm usually terrible at explaining things but if you have an easier method by all means use it! Or you can just experiment with it and find what best works for you.

I did the same method for my toes too so now all 20 of my nails match!! YAY!

I really hope you all enjoyed this really easy nail tutorial!


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