Monday, August 27, 2012

Pink and teal glitter nails!

One of my nails broke yesterday :( so I had to cut the rest and file them done. And I wanted to do a new nail look. I hate when I have an idea and it looks awesome in my head but when I start it looks not so good...this is one of those times.

Colors I used are Kleancolor nail lacquer #8 silver
Sinful colors #152 cream pink
Jordana #978 boy oh boy
Kleancolor #27 silver glitter
L.A. colors diamond topcoat

Apply base coat. I used the silver. I call it my marshmallowy white lol

Pain your pink on. I just did one coat. Let dry.

Sponge on a couple of layers of the teal -ish color about halfway up your nail. Let dry. Then add a layer of your silver glitter polish and topcoat! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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