Thursday, October 16, 2014

Black Matte Glitter nails

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago I took a trip to the Dollar Store and picked up some matte top coat. I saw it and grabbed it because ive been wanting to try a matte top coat and not pay $8 for it. I also bought a fast drying top coat, although I was impatient and didn't give it time to do its thing I can't say if it really is "fast drying". The matte top coat on the other hand..... I love! My nails turned matte and dry (for the most part) in seconds! I've never had a matte polish so needless to say I was excited. You still have to be careful because all the layers of polish are not dry, just the top so you can still smudge the entire thing and make a finger print indent or two.

I went to Target a few days later and bought two more polishes. One being a pretty chunky glitter with a clear base and the other being a glow in the dark polish. I was excited for that one too. And surprisingly it did glow the dark! Again I was impatient so my nails didn't glow as much because I put the matte top coat over the glow in the dark polish. It has been about 4 days and by now normally my nails have started chipping but they actually aren't!

Enjoy the rest of you guys'day/night!

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